• Martha Maria Angelopoulou

How can you adopt a more sustainable diet?

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Going sustainable in the kitchen could be much easier and much more funny than you had expected! Learn how by reading the following article.

Sustainable not only for the environment, but also for you ;-) You can really find a bunch of reasons to follow a healthier way of eating which could be “greener” as well. How can you do that? Initially by having in your kitchen healthy ingredients which will help you prepare healthier meals.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables but also other types of food which preferably should be as less processed as possible. You see, nutritious meals don’t have to be much elaborated.

They can be prepared and cooked within few minutes by using the ingredients you love (along with plenty of fresh herbs which could take your meal in another level). Once you have found the way to do it, spread the word! Let you friends and family know your tips and tricks and tell them to share their tips as well. Go on line. Follow sustainable chefs and meet bloggers that they can provide you with sustainable ideas. It is in your hand to change not only your personal life but also the life of the planet we are living in.

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