Eco Farmers

Education Program

FSC has designed a complete hands on educational experience through which the participants will have the opportunity to create 5 different types of vegetable gardens, plant 100 trees and create a rain water harvesting system.

Social Awareness Campaigns

Through the creation of educative audiovisual material we aim

at informing people about our cause and educating our potential supporters regarding our motivations, our actions and -of course- our goals.

Creation of Implementation Guide

Research and composition

of a manual script with instructions, nutritional data & symbols, caloric chart and recipes regarding

the produce of the school gardens.

It will be handed to every institution's administration as a guide of FSC's education program “Eco Farmers”.

Design & Production

of Informative Material

FSC has created a brochure both in English and Greek language regarding the first educational program that is going to be implemented in African countries. Through this, people can be aware of our vision and goals, but also regarding our actions during the implementation of every program.

#StopFoodWaste Campaign

Among our priorities in FSC is raising awareness as far as food waste

is concerned. For that reason,

we have created a mini campaign

in order to boost public awareness on this specific subject.

Fund Raising Campaign

FSC has run its first fund raising campaign by creating the Eco Farmers Bracelet. This was a bracelet that

was given as a gift, along with

an informative brochure, to the people that were willing to support us and contribute to our cause.


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