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Martha holds a degree in Geography – Environmental Ecology (BA) from the University of Bologna in Italy. In 2005, she started working as a journalist in a Greek Media Group, first as an Editor and then as an Editor in Chief and Publishing Director in more than ten magazines and websites. She is a member of the Union of Editors of Editorial and Electronic Press of Greece and she also holds an International Press Card & Accreditation. She has participated in humanitarian field trips in Africa, and in 2019 she officially founded Food Security Center, aiming at strengthening the capacity of formal and informal education institutions in Europe and in Africa by integrating activities and programs which include wider environmental issues, maximizing the opportunities of food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction, as well as promoting gender equality and indigenous knowledge.     

Emmanuel holds a BSc. in Agriculture and Rural Innovations from the Makerere Universty in Uganda, while he has also obtained a Diploma in Animal Husbandry from the Uganda Martyrs University and two Certificates – one in Tropical Agriculture from Mbuye Farm School and another in Organic Agriculture from Kakoma Integrated Organic Center (KIOC). He has worked in the Assistant Advisory Service as Livestock Officer at the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) and as an Agro Vet Entrepreneur in Heifer International (2018). Since 2010, Emmanuel also works as a Project Officer in the Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) in Kampala, Uganda. He believes that a healthy ecosystem  equals to a healthy life, and thus conservation has become  one of his biggest interests and passions.

Amina studies Special Education at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana. She is focusing on education for people with learning difficulties and special needs. She is an advocate for people living with disabilities as well as passionate about the progress of young people, especially women and girls. She has worked with a vast number of organizations on improving people's lives and enhancing communities' progress. Since 2015, she is volunteering at SEDARVP GHANA Organization, a youth-focused non-governmental organization in Ghana, where she has carried out a number of projects also concerning the promotion of good quality education in all the rural and remote communities of Ghana. Amina believes in seizing opportunities that will help her become a better agent for change.

Abukari is a social/youth worker and Founder of SEDARVP GHANA Organization. He has been engaged in the field of humanitarian activities since 2008 when he founded SEDARVP GHANA, and a lot has been done in the field of youth and women empowerment and also community development since then. He loves reading and spending time with kids and he aims at promoting the habit of reading among Ghanaian children. This, is something that has also given birth to the Street Library Project – a project which serves many children by providing them access to basic learning materials and also offering them the opportunity to interact with volunteer teachers, both locals and foreigners.

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Nikos is a security analyst. He holds a PhD, with distinction, in Political Violence and Terrorism from the University of Piraeus in Greece, and a Master of Literature in International Security Studies from the University of St-Andrews in Scotland. He has fulfilled his studies, BA with distinction, in International Relations in the Mediterranean Area, at the University of the Aegean in Greece. During his studies he worked as a member of the Working Group of the Special Representative on Anti-terrorism of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and as a researcher for the Hellenic Ministry of Defense. He has also developed his skills as a trainee at the Directorate for Human Rights of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he has also worked in the organization and implementation of European and national Projects in NGOs and Educational Institutions.

Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist

Efthimia is a graduate of the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, AETE of Sitia, Crete, specializing in Clinical Dietetics (BSc). Since September 2008, she has been an active member of the Panhellenic Association of Dietitians, and in 2010 she was appointed Regional Director of Southern Greece of the Hellenic Nutrition Society. In addition, she has demonstrated a long-standing collaboration with institutions and non-governmental organizations, while participating in television shows and editing in newspapers, magazines and websites. Last but not least, Efthimia is co-founder of the Mediterranean b-eat movement, which aspires to teach and disseminate the Mediterranean diet on a wide population scale, nationally and internationally, through targeted educational actions on social media.

Digital Marketing Manager

Eri is a passionate marketer,  located in Athens, Greece, and is currently working as a regional marketer, focused on LatAm markets. Since 2015, she holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Athens. Before working professionally as a marketer, she participated in multiple conferences relevant to entrepreneurship and innovation. Apart from that, she was an active member of the greek NGO “Ethelon” where she played a key role in various social activations and events. At the same time, and for 3 consecutive years, she was a member of TEDxAthens where she was responsible for social media and event production. Eri in her free time, usually keeps herself busy by organising her own projects, watching series and travelling.

Nutrition, Sports & Wellness Specialist

Anna-Maria is a qualified Sports Nutritionist (SENr graduate, British Dietetic Association) and Sports Scientist with experience in nutrition, wellness and health. She has graduated from Oxford Brookes University where she completed an MSc degree in applied sports and exercise nutrition and she has also completed a BSc (Honours) degree in sports science and physical activity at the University of Athens, Greece. She has worked with a variety of athletes, professionals and amateurs, as well as with people who want to improve their health and vitality through nutrition and training and adopt mindful eating habits. She believes that good nutrition and exercise is a great combination that every human need, to be full of energy, have good psychology and enjoy every little moment in life. 


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