Listen to what your food has to say ;-)

Well, let’s face it – there is no better way in order to eat sustainably than eating exactly (or… more or less) what your body needs. And even though this is not always possible it is doable. Where should you start from? You should start from listening what the food you are choosing to buy has to say to you. You know, foods talk. Through the nutrition label that is on their packaging, they are telling you everything you need to know. Some, find it hard to do, probably because they have never done it. You see, no one is asking you to decode every single word on it. Just be aware of the things that matter the most.

  • Start identifying the portions. Usually, the quantity used for calorimetry and analysis on packaging by most of the companies is 100 g. The point is that this is not the right portion for you and (perhaps) not the one you will be actually eating. So, do not be misled by this number – you have to recalculate it on your mind according to the amount you will consume.
  • Fully examine your food. How? Just by knowing what is the «Recommended Daily Intake» as far as calories, proteins, sugars, fats, carbs, saturated fats, sodium and fibers are concerned. Who will tell you? The nutrition label of course! But do pay attention to all of them – not just the ones that are convenient for you. What does that mean? That you may want to know about the low-fat part, but it is not the only one that should matter.
  • Listen to your body. You see, the «Recommended Daily Intake» is actually a general index, based on the «average adult». What you have to do is adjust it to you personal need according to your age, sex, health, and physical activity.

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