Fruits do not go bad as quick as you think

…the same goes also for veggies! For some strange reason, many people (in many countries around the world) tend to throw away half of the fruit and vegetables that they buy! If you think of it for a minute or so, you will come to one conclusion: That this kind of waste, is… such a waste!!! Let’s take as an example the bananas. The fact that your bananas have that brownish color, doesn’t mean that they have gone bad. On the contrary! They are still delicious and completely safe not only to eat, but also to use in order to create delicious sweets and snacks.

First of all, let’s take a look on what is hidden behind the color of the banana from the minute the fruit… “leaves” the tree:

  • The greener the banana, the fewer nutrients it contains. In a few words, the “ripeness” of nutrients is closely linked to the ripeness of the banana. This, however, doesn’t mean that a brown banana is full of nutrients. Quite the opposite. A very ripe banana starts losing part of its vitamins and trace elements.
  • A yellow-brown banana contains a greater number of sugars. Yes, that is true, so if you want to avoid some sugar, simply consume the banana before it starts losing its bright yellow color – that’s when its nutritional value is highest.

So, if your bananas have ripened (a lot) have this in mind: The still have the power to be transformed into something much tastier than you can imagine. But you’ ve got to help them by adding few more ingredients and lots of imagination in order to turn them into…

  • …an amazing calzone by wrapping them in in phyllo dough along with chocolate.
  • …a banana bread or cake.
  • …a homemade minute made ice cream.
  • …a delicious smoothie by adding milk cocoa powder, peanut butter, other fruits, yogurt and a bunch of other yummy ingredients that you may like.

Photo: Abbs Johnson via Unsplash

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