That’s our special meeting point!

A place to share all of our… food info in the most creative way. Yes, creativity is our key in order to help our kids to understand and to love the food we like ;-) To help them interact with it, to come close to it and accept it. So, every now and then, you will be finding here educational and informative material to use with kids at school or at home.


Now, as far as the subjects are concerned:

Food resource management, food safety and food security, sustainable and healthy nutrition

That’s a sample actually, since we are about to explore a big part of food security’s vast field.


Welcome to the most evolving area of our site! Feel free to send us an email in which you can write to us what would you like to find here. We will do our best to create and include any relevant educational material you may need.

​Γνωρίζω το φαγητό μου. Αγαπώ την τροφή μου. | Μπρόκολο_info_gr >

Discover your plate. Love your food. | Broccoli info_eng >

Γνωρίζω το φαγητό μου. Αγαπώ την τροφή μου. | Καλαμπόκι_info_gr >

Discover your plate. Love your food. | Maize info_eng >

Παίζω & Μαθαίνω. Τρέφομαι σωστά. | Διατροφικό πιάτο_gr >


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