Eat these instead of meat

There are many different types of food that taste as good as meat (if cooked right) but they are much more «friendly» to the environment! Even though we are living in the era of… meat, there is a (constantly rising) number of people who choose to… replace it with other more natural and sustainable sources of protein. Some of them? Beans and lentils first of all! These foods hide large doses of protein inside of them; But so do mushrooms which are ideal in our salads, main dishes, soups – even in… beverages (for the bold ones)!

On the other hand, quinoa has also started to gain more and more ground in the kitchen, while gradually we also see buckwheat making its presence felt in our diets. It is a type of grain (some call it «mock-cereal») rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. How you can use it? You simply boil it, just as you would rice or bulgur and enjoy it in salads or soups, combine it with beans or other cooked foods or stews.

Photo: Oldskool photography via Unsplash

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