Can our planet feed us all? What are the challenges that we are facing as far as agriculture is concerned?  Studies, reports, facts and info are giving us an idea...

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60% of the mammals that are currently  living on earth are livestock (mainly cattle and pigs), 36% are humans, and 4% of the living mammals on the planet are wild animals.

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Fish & Sea Life

300 years of whaling industry have led us to an 80% decline as far as life in the oceans is concerned. And this is only a small part of what is happening in our seas...

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0.01% of all the world’s inhabitants (a.k.a. humans) have caused the loss of 83% of all wild animals and 50% of all plants, since civilization was established. 

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Food Waste & Loss

Did you know that almost a billion people are going hungry, while we waste
1/3 of food we produce? The life of a product is longer than we think and ugly produce tastes as good as the pretty one!

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Sustainable Eating

Our choices as far as our nutrition is concerned may have a major impact on our planet. Yes, we can promote sustainability starting from our plates by improving our diet.

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Food Insecurity & Conflicts

Food insecurity can certainly be a factor of probable outbreaks of social unrest or worse,

yet conflicts have also induced notable instances of food insecurity.

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Let's talk about food... in the classroom

How does the way we choose and.... treat our food affects the planet?
We have to stop (food)wasting our time!
You will be surprised of the impact you can make for the planet starting from your... plate. The major step?
Improving your diet.
Agroecology and other smart and green solutions have made farmimg more... trendy (and essential) than ever.
You don't consume water just by drinking it. Chances are that you may actually be... eating a significant part of it.
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